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Tej is Co-Owner and Managing Director of Serpents Ink. Before calling the Gold Coast home, Tej lived in Shenzhen, China for 10 years studying wushu, Mandarin and managing foreign teams. With little else to do in his downtime, Tej turned to drawing as a creative outlet. He eventually landed an apprenticeship in a tattoo studio in Dongguan, China and has been tattooing ever since 2013.

In Tej’s free time you will usually find him at one of our beautiful Gold Coast beaches. His other hobbies include scuba diving, cooking, archery, axe throwing, watching anime

These days, with his other duties in Serpents Ink, Tej only tattoos part time (usually on weekends). He prefers to work with black and grey with minimal colour. Tej usually loves to do brushtroke, Chinese inspired, Neo Japanese and Viking inspired work.